I’ve been a semi-active listener of the LightSource photography podcast at StudioLighting.net for nearly two years, so imagine my shock earlier this month when I was contacted by one of the hosts, Bill Crawford, to be a guest on an upcoming episode. My initial thought was something along the lines of “These guys have interviewed the likes of Paul C. Buff, David Hobby and Chase Jarvis – and now they want to talk to me?!?”. Well I quickly got over the shock and we scheduled the chat.

We did the interview one evening over the telephone and I’ve got to say that it was really cool. Bill and Ed, the hosts, make their guests feel comfortable and they are genuinely excited to talk about photography. They wanted to learn about my stock photography business and how I have been able to create a full-time income from it in a relatively short period of time. We also chatted a bit about this blog and my involvement with Photowalking Utah.

The episode is now live on their site, so if you feel like listening to me ramble on for nearly an hour jump on over and give it a listen. More importantly though, I recommend that you check out their back episodes and subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss the future ones.


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