Through the spring and now into summer the number of readers of LeggNet’s Digital Capture that subscribe through RSS has been steadily in the mid-600’s. On today’s post I’m asking for more.

On the many blogs, photography and otherwise, that I follow I rarely visit the site proper. Instead, I read their posts in Google’s RSS reader. It is much more convenient for me to have a one-stop-shopping solution than going to each individual website. I encourage the same thing on my blog, which is the reason I include full web posts in my RSS feed instead of just a headline or snippet.

If you are at least a semi-regular reader of my photography ramblings, then please take a moment and subscribe to my RSS feed. Here’s the subscription link:

Additionally, if you want up-to-the-minute ramblings rather than daily updates, you can follow me on Twitter at

Now maybe I can at least crack 700 subscribers :)