Saturday evening’s Photowalking Utah event at the Great Salt Lake was a lot of fun. We had over 40 photographers join us for a few hours of capturing the lake at dusk. It was especially great to see so many first-timers among the shooters.

June Photowalkers

The group met at Saltair for a short welcome session before following the evening’s guide Charles Uibel out to the lake. Charles has been photographing the lake for quite some time and has an impressive body of work. He knew the place and time to be at to capture some great shots and really made this outing a success.

Behind the Scenes

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly our model, Heidi. She’s a friend of David Terry who graciously volunteered to do a Trash-the-Dress session with an old wedding gown. She literally spent over two hours in and around the water being photographed.

Heidi in Black & White

The recap wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the fatalities from the evening. I had the embarrassing misfortune of slipping into the water in front of 25 photographers. While I saved my camera gear, my Blackberry is down for the count. David Terry, in search of the perfect light placement, had a Speedlight (along with a new Radio Popper) fall into the lake. And lastly, I didn’t see it happen, but Mike Calanan’s phone took a swim as well and last night I saw him on Twitter looking for anyone with an extra Verizon phone.

As I write this there are over 225 images in the Photowalking Utah Flickr group. It’s amazing to see the different variations of the same subject that the photographers captured.

The details for the July Photowalking Utah event are still being gathered, but the plan right now involves blue sky and hot air balloons. It promises to be an event that you won’t want to miss. Stay tuned to here (and for details.