I’ve had a busy few days working on the stock photography side of the business. I have a goal of increasing my portfolio size by a minimum of 200 images a month, and this past weekend I made great progress in creating June’s additions.

On Friday, I spent some time shooting a first-time model for a high school student themed series. Kylee did a great job and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

On Saturday the theme was “Women’s Hands”. I worked with Kattie again (she was featured in April’s “Cafe” shoot). We had a great time coming up with poses for her great looking hands.

After taking Sunday off, I got busy again on Monday with a studio session with Brittanie. We shot a diverse set of images ranging from basic headshots to lifestyle images. And to answer the many questions, I have not modified her fantastic eyes – that’s how they really look.

Today will be spent finishing the processing, keywording and uploading of these shoots. Then it’s time to begin planning the next sessions. Simply put, that’s my formula for being successful in stock photography: Plan, Shoot, Edit, Upload, Repeat…

To view these sets as they become available in my stock portfolio, visit the following links:

Kylee – High School Student
Kattie – Women’s Hands
Brittanie – Young Woman