I’m a little annoyed right now. I just found that the Wall Street Journal took an image from this site (LeggNet.com) for use on their own “Deal Journal” blog. What’s the problem? Well, it states on the bottom of every page here:

Photographs and text copyright 2005-2008 Rich Legg, Inc. All rights reserved.
Reproduction or redistribution in any form without prior written permission is strictly prohibited.

They never contacted me for permission. Had they done so, they would have been directed to purchase the image on iStockphoto.com. I see this behavior from small blogs from time to time, but the Wall Street Journal? C’mon already!

I have sent them an email. Let’s see how (or if) they respond.

UPDATE: I have been contacted by the author of the blog post on WSJ.com. She has taken down the image and apologized for its unauthorized use. We had a pleasant email exchange and I am confident that she won’t make this mistake (using copyrighted photos on Flickr) again.