Specializing in stock photography, I don’t do a lot of portrait work. But when I do shoot it, I quite enjoy it.

Last week I did an engagement session with a couple whose wedding I am shooting this spring. After three rain snow-outs, the weather finally cooperated with us last Friday. The couple wanted a distressed-urban setting for their photos, so we headed downtown.

The above image is a somewhat unconventional pose for an engagement photo, but it is one of my favorites from the shoot. In addition to the natural afternoon light, the scene was enhanced with the use of two handheld tungsten lights. A diffused light was aimed at the young womans head/shoulders with a stronger light providing hair highlight from the back.

The image the couple ultimately selected for their announcement is a more conventional engagement shot. While being taken in the same area as the other image, this one has a warmer/softer feel to it.


The lighting was provided by the cloud diffused sunlight being reflected into the faces from below.

While reviewing the images with the clients after the shoot, I heard the words a photographer loves to hear: “We love them. We’ll just have to buy them all!”