After having a Twitter account since the early days (which on the web means last year) but not using it, I’ve decided to give it a go and get active with the service.

What is Twitter? Well, that’s kind of hard to explain. it’s a free service that allows you to post quick updates (text message sized of 140 characters or less) that are sent out to everyone following you. You can also follow other user’s updates. It really works best using text messaging.

The short updates can be pretty funny. One of the web-celebrities I’m following is Jason Calacanis. He was posting play-by-play updates yesterday from a Jewish wedding reception in NYC that were hilarious. I also found out that my friend (and fellow blogger) Bryan is active on Twitter as well. His updates are funny in a Bryan the Scientist kind of way.

If you want to follow me, check out my Twitter page at And if you’re already using Twitter, let me know so I can follow you.