I’m Going Live on Twitter

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After having a Twitter account since the early days (which on the web means last year) but not using it, I’ve decided to give it a go and get active with the service.

What is Twitter? Well, that’s kind of hard to explain. it’s a free service that allows you to post quick updates (text message sized of 140 characters or less) that are sent out to everyone following you. You can also follow other user’s updates. It really works best using text messaging.

The short updates can be pretty funny. One of the web-celebrities I’m following is Jason Calacanis. He was posting play-by-play updates yesterday from a Jewish wedding reception in NYC that were hilarious. I also found out that my friend (and fellow blogger) Bryan is active on Twitter as well. His updates are funny in a Bryan the Scientist kind of way.

If you want to follow me, check out my Twitter page at twitter.com/leggnet. And if you’re already using Twitter, let me know so I can follow you.

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It Takes Its Toll

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Canon 5D, Canon 24-105 f/4L lens – 1/80 second, f/4, ISO 250

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Photowalking Utah: Trax Event

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There was a nice turnout for today’s Photowalking Utah event in Salt Lake City. I joined twenty-five other photographers aboard TRAX (Salt Lake City’s light rail system) for a train ride around the city. We got off the train at various stops to photograph, before boarding the next train to continue our journey. It was great to meet several first-time photowalkers as well as catching up with the regulars.

The next Photowalking Utah event will be in April as the group heads South to Thanksgiving Point for the annual Tulip Festival. Stay tuned for details.

Today’s image is of one of the original members of Photowalking Utah, Scott Smith, working his new 40D aboard the train as the event unfolded. Be sure to check out Scott’s photoblog at www.scottosmith.com.

Canon 5D, Canon 24-105 f/4L lens – 1/160 second, f/4, ISO 1000

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Zero Miles


Canon 5D, Canon 24-105 f/4L lens – 1/125 second, f/8, ISO 100

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The Request Line is OPEN


I get a fair amount of email asking photography related questions. While I do my best to respond to all of them immediately, I know that sadly I miss a few (email just doesn’t scale well). Since I’m always on the lookout for blog-post material, I thought I’d throw open the request line and see if there are questions or subjects that our readers would like covered. I know a bit about photography, but more importantly I have a pretty good network of brilliant photographer friends that I can turn to for help.

So if there is a subject that you would like to see covered or a question answered, please add a comment below. I will do my best.

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Morning Prayer

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Canon 5D, Canon 24-105 f/4L lens – 1/1250 second, f/4, ISO 100

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Aloe Abstract

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Canon 5D, Canon 70-200 f/4L lens – 1/200 second, f/4, ISO 100

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Morning Kayaker

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I just returned from an Easter weekend visit to Lake Havasu City, Arizona. While the trip was more about family than photography, I did manage a bit of time doing some shooting.

This early morning black & white capture of a lone kayaker in the Bridgewater Channel was captured from the famous London Bridge (which was relocated to Arizona in 1971). Had I taken the image from this spot a few hours later, the channel would be filled with powerboats and spring breakers.

Canon 5D, Canon 24-105 f/4L lens – 1/40 second, f/9, ISO 100

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Havasu Beach

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Canon 5D, Canon 70-200 f/4L lens – 1/50 second, f/4, ISO 400

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Happy Easter

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I’m on the road for the next few days for an Easter visit to my parents, so blog updates might be less than my usually consistent schedule. In my absence, here are a couple of adorable sisters in their Easter dresses to keep you company. Have a great weekend!

Canon 5D, Canon 24-105 f/4L lens – f/7.1, 1/125 second, ISO 100

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