Ron mixing a scientific concoction.

One of the photo shoots I did last weekend was in a real honest-to-goodness laboratory. A friend offered access to the lab he works in and that was all the motivation I needed to put together a shoot.

With a team of three models and assistance from my friend Harley, we set out to create a series of images for my stock portfolio. My goal was to capture realistic looking images of lab technicians at work. The biggest challenge was setting up lights to create a natural looking scene in the limited space we had to work in. We ended up with a modified cross-lighting arrangement and with the camera position shooting through a narrow opening.

In the Lab
Michelle putting her newly acquired pipetting skills to work.

I must really offer my heartfelt thanks to my friend Bryan for opening up the lab, Harley for helping with the lighting and models Michelle (my wife), Ron and Julie. Without these great folks, we could never have pulled this shoot off.

Dr. Jones, I Presume
Julie, Bryan (our host), Ron and Michelle