There is another Photowalking event coming up on Friday evening (October 19) beginning at 5:30 pm. Here are the details from Ann Torrence:

Theme: The Grunge/Gentrification Interface

Location: Meet at the corner of 500 West, 200 South. (Parking is available in 100-200 block of 500W)

The walkabout is from 500W 200S to the new (?) depot at 6th west, down 300 S toward the back side of the Rio Grande station (which could be awesome in golden light), return north on 5th west toward the galleries at the corner of 200S and 500W as people start to arrive. If they are still working on the rails that late, there could be some fun shots after dark with their lights. Today (Tuesday) they are pouring the concrete on the turn at 4th west, who knows how far they will get. But they told me they are working late shifts.

I am probably the last person in SLC to realize that the construction on 200S is connecting the new Frontrunner to the TRAX, but the gentrification is happening RIGHT NOW, and there are photos that will be possible today but not next week or month. Lots of old brick with faded paint signs, Thomas Electric’s pile of rusty motors along Eccles Street, the old brothel (had a long chat with the bricklayers working on 200S about the area, naturally they had read the historic marker about a brothel.) The new/remodeled depot reminds me of an arcade in Auckland, NZ.

Late afternoon light is going to be as good, if not better, than after dark light. There’s not as much artificial lighting as on the east side to work with, except the gallery windows. At least 4-5 galleries in the 2×2 block area are participating in gallery stroll, so there should be some people about.

Special considerations: The safety factor needs to be considered, but I think we can work with it, if folks stick together and act like we are in an urban area. I’ll have a couple bills in an outer pocket for panhandlers, and will be traveling light.

I will be in Provo photographing a wedding and won’t be able to attend this photowalk, but I will catch up with everyone on the next one. The West side of Salt Lake City is an intriguing area and should provide plenty of interesting subject matter to shoot.

These events are non-competitive and a great way to get to socialize with other area photographers. Anyone is welcome to attend.

For more details (or to ask any questions), visit the Photowalking Salt Lake City Flickr group at

p.s. Let’s hope it doesn’t rain this time :)

Canon 5D, Canon 70-200 f/4L lens – 1/200 second, f/4, ISO 800