Like most blogs that have been around for a while, I get a fair amount of incoming hits from search engines. Call me geeky, but I get a kick out of reading what people typed into Google to find me. As an example, here are the search terms that led websurfers to this site yesterday:

ttv layer ~ utah photography industry ~ ~ earn credits ~ sensor sizes aps-c ~ geek squad cars green ~ geek squad sucks ~ how to make a fake lightbulb ~ capturing blue skies ~ spontaneous combustion ~ ring ~ part time photographers trend ~ photo of light bulb off ~ sekonic meter, tutorial ~ ~ the other barn ~ geek squad poster ~ blue sky canon color ~ photos of creepy eyes ~ tips for low light photography ~ camera sensor sizes ~ photography of smoke ~ smoke photography ~ hand blown glass vase ~ tahquitz rock ~ canon 24-105 tack sharp ~ canon 24-105 portrait examples ~ canon 24-105 for weddings? ~ digital camera sensor size ~ istockphoto ~ canon 5d sensor crop ~ where are the inspiration come from ~ ~ leading lines ~ california jumping suicide location ~ ~ light bulb idea picture ~ why is the forground of my photos blurred ~ istockphoto a-living ~ milk splash photo ~ legg wife ~ wedding school ~ polarize photos ~ photograph example leading line ~ colored burn out smoke ~ legg net ~ smokr photo invert how ~ full frame versus aps digital ~ autumn leaves utah ~ using canon 30d with r72 filter ~ body scan salt lake city ~ camera exposure after sunset ~ kenneth linge

As you can see, most of them are photography related. But I do like the occasional odd search. I wonder if the person that entered “body scan salt lake city” found what they were looking for.

I selected today’s image to go along with this geeky subject. It’s my good friend Harley posing as a computer nerd in a recent stock photo shoot we did. In addition to being a sometimes model, Harley is a photographer. Be sure to check out his photostream on Flickr at

Canon 5D, Canon 24-105 f/4L lens – 1/125 second, f/7.1, ISO 100