On Friday night I got the chance to re-live some of the music from my youth when I attended a Def Leppard concert in West Valley City. Concerts are usually full of great subjects to photograph and this one was no exception. But if you’ve ever tried to walk in to one carrying a large SLR camera with a long lens you will find that they don’t take too kindly to it.

This is one of the reasons I carry a small point-and-shoot camera, a Canon G7, in my kit. The G7 (which Canon recently replaced with the G9) is a high quality 10 megapixel camera in a small unassuming package. I simply dropped the camera into a pocket on my cargo shorts and walked right in to the show. The on-board image stabilization that this camera has is a nice bonus, especially when shooting in a low light environment such as a concert.

As for the concert, it was pretty cool. If I had had my preference though, Def Leppard could have taken the night off and let the opening band Styx carry the night :)

Canon G7 – 1/30 second, f/4.8, ISO 200