Earlier this year I was contacted by a publisher that is working on a book for the State of Utah to use for recruiting companies to relocate to Utah. The publisher was in need of photographs to place alongside the written copy about the state’s economic advantages. This served as another example of the power of the Internet for today’s photographer. The publisher’s photo editor found my work on Flickr and contacted me directly about the freelance job. While not a huge windfall, the job does pay fairly well (about 100x better than microstock).

This is a reason that I am a proponent of the “Only Show Your Best school of thought, especially if you ever desire to sell your work. I didn’t adhere to this at first (as evident from some of my early images on Flickr), but over the past year I have worked on keeping this in mind when uploading. On a public forum, you never know who might be browsing the images and what impact they can have on future earnings.

Today’s image is a collage of some of the photos they have selected for use in the book. I like the diversity of the images, I think they have chosen well.