Here’s another capture from the nighttime shooting I did last week. I was particularly attracted to this composition by the many lines created by the fencing leading to a common vanishing point. Another feature I really like is how the curve of the chain-link fencing follows the vignette on the top of the photo.

Setting the exposure was a bit of a guessing game based upon experience. After some spot metering with the camera’s meter and some quick math, I arrived at a shutter time of 280 seconds (6 minutes, 40 seconds) at f/11. This preserved most of the details and allowed the city-lit sky in the background to come through.

I was honored to have this image featured Thursday on the front page of the New West Network website. It’s always cool when they opt to use one of my shots.

To really see the details, click here for a larger version of this capture on a black background.

Canon 5D, Canon 24-105 f/4L IS lens – 280 seconds, f/11, ISO 50