I’ve been asked why I put a film camera (and an old clunky one at that) on the newly redesigned masthead of LeggNet’s Digital Capture .

The first reason is very simple. I had this photo in my inventory and didn’t have a similar shot of a digital SLR. It was an easy capture to use until I could shoot a picture of a digital camera.

The second reason follows along the lines of yesterday’s nostalgic post. This particular camera is a PETRI FT. This is the same model as my very first SLR. I received it secondhand when I was in the eighth grade. I shot many rolls of film through it in the year I used it, before upgrading to a Pentax MX. This is not the actual camera, but one I picked up off of eBay for $10. It serves quite well in its roll of an office decoration.

I’ll be replacing the camera image up top with a shot of a digital SLR very soon, but for now – film it is.

Canon 30D, Canon 24-105 f/4L IS lens – 1/25 second, f/4, ISO 100