Regardless of your religious views, there is no denying that the Mormon Pioneers are an integral part of Salt Lake City history. At the center of that history is Temple Square. During the Christmas season the downtown area is decorated with lights and the locals flock there to see the displays. As a photographer, the temple is an intriguing subject. Since the building is photographed so much, it is difficult to capture a shot that feels unique. I sought to make that shot last night.

To make this capture, I extended my tripod to its full 7′ length and perched it precariously on a short 2′ wall. Placing the camera at this height was required in order to get the full reflection of the building in the pool. Since I was unable to look through the camera’s viewfinder (I’m not 9 feet tall), I had to line the shot up with a bit of guess work. After having the camera lined up, it was just a matter of reaching up to set off the shutter and waiting to catch the camera in case it fell during the 10 second exposure. I am quite pleased with the resulting image.

Merry Christmas!