And Days of Old Long Past

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(Ziggy celebrates his Scottish heritage with a traditional song this New Year’s Eve)

Should auld acquaintance be forgot
and never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot
and days of auld lang syne?

For auld lang syne, my dear,
for auld lang syne,
we’ll take a cup of kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.

Happy New Year!

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2006: This Photoblogger’s Retrospective


91,954 – Visitors to LeggNet’s Digital Capture
11,778 – Photographs taken
1,259 – Most visitors on a single day
414 – Comments left by visitors
289 – Blog posts
127 – Countries represented by visitors
51 – Gigabytes of photos
3 – Blog revisions
1 – Book published
0 – Regrets for being a PhotoBlogger

Thanks everyone for a great year. I look forward to 2007!

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Picking a Creative Angle


Today’s posted capture is another example of my Hey, let’s try this shots. Sometimes a creative angle can make for an interesting photo and this capture is no exception.

While at a nearby outdoor rink with the family I set my small point & shoot camera on the ice and pressed the shutter release. I have long since became immune to the strange looks from passers-by when taking these kind of shots, but with this photo my main concern was to avoid being skated into by an out of control skater (of which there were many).

As for the resulting image, I am actually quite surprised with the quality captured. The detail in the figure skate’s toe pick is especially impressive. Reward outweighs risk, again.

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Turquoise Ice


This was an interesting scene to come across. My guess is that the above freezing temperature combined with the rushing water beneath the melting ice created the brilliant color. Taken in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

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One of those days

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She was having one of those days. The earlier meltdown (her dad’s word) had taken its effect and this is the only expression she was willing to show. This would not be a day for cheesy grins and fake smiles. This would be a day for sullenness. Yes, this would be one of those days.

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One Last Christmas Post (I promise)

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(Warning: Proud parent bias ahead)

I told myself that I wasn’t going to post anymore Christmas photos after yesterday’s entry, but I’m amending that decision to say that this will be the last Christmas shot of the year.

Frequent viewers will no doubt recognize my angelic daughter Elisabeth, but this time she is donning more than her usual perceived halo and wings- she is wearing an actual set. This capture was made at our church’s annual Christmas Eve service in which my daughters each had a part in the play. It was a wonderful service. Special props go out to regular LeggNet’s Digital Capture reader Ricci who directed the play. It takes a special person to step up and donate their time and energy during this hectic season of year. Ricci is one of these people. Thanks Ricci!

Coming tomorrow: Not a Christmas picture, I promise :)

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Merry Christmas


From my family to yours, we wish everyone a safe and happy holiday.


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Just One Day ’til Christmas

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Main Street Plaza, Salt Lake City

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Hey, two days before Christmas so why not a Saturday post?

This capture is of downtown Salt Lake City on the Main Street Plaza. I opted for a shot from behind the Nativity Scene to show the hustle & bustle of the people and the busy-ness of the whole scene at Temple Square.

Again, Merry Christmas!

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Temple Square at Night


Regardless of your religious views, there is no denying that the Mormon Pioneers are an integral part of Salt Lake City history. At the center of that history is Temple Square. During the Christmas season the downtown area is decorated with lights and the locals flock there to see the displays. As a photographer, the temple is an intriguing subject. Since the building is photographed so much, it is difficult to capture a shot that feels unique. I sought to make that shot last night.

To make this capture, I extended my tripod to its full 7′ length and perched it precariously on a short 2′ wall. Placing the camera at this height was required in order to get the full reflection of the building in the pool. Since I was unable to look through the camera’s viewfinder (I’m not 9 feet tall), I had to line the shot up with a bit of guess work. After having the camera lined up, it was just a matter of reaching up to set off the shutter and waiting to catch the camera in case it fell during the 10 second exposure. I am quite pleased with the resulting image.

Merry Christmas!

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