Gear, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

Each month, I typically get a few emails asking what type of camera I use. So, last night as I was re-organizing my gear from the trip, I picked up a point-and-shoot camera and decided to take a photo of it all.

My primary camera is a Canon 30D (camera on right), while my wife typically uses the Canon RebelXT (left). As for lenses, I love the 24-105L (on the 30D) and it is on my camera over 80% of the time. The other lens I use frequently is a 70-200L (on the RebelXT in the photo).

When I entered the digital arena, I opted to go with Canon. This was a tough decision, since I had exclusively used Nikon equipment back in my film shooting days. The choice to go Canon had to do with the number of lenses and accessories available. I have no regrets in having made this choice.

Click on the above photo to see notes describing each piece of equipment.