While recently driving on a local city street, I was passed by a speeding black & white VW. I was driving right around the speed limit (60 mph) and this car was clearly speeding while weaving in and out of traffic. As happens quite frequently, I caught up with the car at the next traffic light (where I took this photo). I already assumed that this was a Geek Squad car (they’re easy to spot), but what surprised me was that the car had a radar detector prominently mounted on the windshield.

When the light turned green the car quickly sped away only for me to catch up at the next red light. This continued for several lights until the Geek beat one of the red lights and zoomed off into the distance (at well over 80 mph).

My question: Does Geek Squad equip all their cars with radar detectors in hope that they can get to their appointments quicker? In doing so, are they encouraging their predominantly young employees (with minimal years of driving experience) to drive over the speed limit and break the law?

From what I witnessed…… YES

On a side note, I find it equally interesting that Best Buy (Geek Squad’s parent company) does not sell radar detectors on their website, stating Due to certain state restrictions, Best Buy cannot sell radar detectors online. ‘

And on another side note, Geek Squad has had previous legal trouble having allegedly used pirated copies of Winternals software.