Heading Home


Road Trip Self Portrait, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

After spending the last week or so traveling around the west, we are headed back to Utah. Did you see the movie Cars? If so, then you probably remember the scene where Mack (the race hauler) makes funny faces at himself in the reflection of the tanker truck he’s following. Here’s my version of that scene (it was a monotonous drive yesterday).

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2,500 years ago, a tree was born


2,500 years ago, a tree was born, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

We spent time yesterday in Sequoia National Park in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of central California. It was quite amazing to go from the relatively barren valley floor to the forest canopy created by these giants in such a short period of time.

In the area of the General Sherman tree, the world’s largest living object, there is a cross-section of a fallen tree that is estimated to be between 2,200 to 2,700 years old. Today’s capture is of the core of this cross-section. Just imagine what the world was like at the time this tree was a seedling.

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What is it?


Made in China, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

This colorful capture was created by placing my camera inside a string windsock hanging outside a gift shop. I frequently take shots from odd angles without looking through the viewfinder.

I classify these as my “hey I wonder if this will work?” shots. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. Thankfully, this one did.

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Suicide Rock, Idyllwild California


Suicide Rock, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

Suicide rock, in Idyllwild California, is a famous rock for rock climbers. The rock received its name from the legend of a Native American Princess who threw herself off the rock with her lover rather than being separated as the Tribal Chief had ordered.

We spent time climbing the area that can be seen between the trees on the far right of the capture. The granite slab, relatively mild weather and the remote location made for a great day.

For more info on Idyllwild, visit www.idyllwild.com.

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Mesquite Nevada: No room in the inn


Desert Palms Motel, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

Although most of the hotel rooms were booked as we passed through Mesquite last weekend, we did not have to stay in the Desert Palms Motel. Thankfully I had previously made reservations at a rather nice hotel, which is something I cannot say for several exasperated travelers at the check-in desk when we arrived.

I captured this street scene while on a late night ice cream run.

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Tahquitz Rock

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Tahquitz Rock, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

Tahquitz, also called Lily Rock, is a rock climbing area near Idyllwild-Pine Cove, California. It has easy-to-difficult multi-pitch climbs on great rock on the way up San Jacinto Peak. Tahquitz has a tough approach hike leading to a roughly 1000 foot (300m) face. The downclimb is dangerous, especially at night. A second popular rock face, called Suicide Rock, lies across the valley.

It is named for Takwish, a mythological figure of the Cahuilla. A Cahuilla legend recounts how tribesmen chanted over the body of their fallen chieftan Tahquitz, or Takwish, who had been possessed by an evil spirit and killed his sweetheart. Suddenly his body began to glow like fire, and he rose and settled on Idyllwild’s Tahquitz Rock. According to the legend, Tahquitz is trapped beneath the rock with a rattlesnake and a condor for company, and when the mountain shakes and trembles, it is not an earthquake, but Tahquitz up to his evil tricks on Lily Rock.

From Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tahquitz

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Greetings from Idyllwild


Idyllwild Cabin, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

What a world we live in! As I type this, I am sitting in a small cabin in Idyllwild California. The cabin is lacking in many of the items that we consider required in our daily life: phone, air conditioning, shower, etc. However, when I booted up my Mac to transfer some photos from my camera, up popped a wireless network connection.

So, here’s a post from Idyllwild. To learn more about this wonderful mountain retreat, visit www.idyllwild.com.

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Hitting the Road


Hitting the Road, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

We’re hitting the road today for a trip exploring the west. With planned stops in Idyllwild California, Sequoia National Park, and other places to be determined, we’re sure to pick up some great captures.

Since I am not too sure of what type of connectivity (if any) I’ll have for my MacBook, I’m posting this in anticipation of it being my latest update for a week or so.

Have a great week everyone – see you in August!

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Rich, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

Yesterday, a couple of events occurred that help me feel validated in this game of photography I play.

The first has happened a few times before, but New West Network once again selected one of my captures to use on the front page of their website (link). Even though they have done this before, it is always flattering when they ask to use one of my images.

The second thing that happened is that a local design company contacted me about one of my images. They asked if I would be willing to sell them the rights to use the photograph as part of an advertisement for a national restaurant chain that is moving in to Salt Lake City. We agreed on the terms and they will be using this photo.

As I might have said before (probably numerous times), I stepped away from serious photography for nearly 15 years before returning to it last year. What I found in returning amazed me – the truly worldwide photographic community that the Internet has created, plus the ability to easily share my work.

Today’s featured capture is a self-portrait I took to use as an icon on my blog, flickr, and other web communities. The effect added to the photo in post-production was to match my blog’s color scheme and create a bit of artsy feel to the shot.

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Matt and his little friend Pete


Matt and his little friend Pete, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

While I was reviewing the captures taken during last weekend’s hike/climb/rappel in Southern Utah, I noticed this one of an unintentional optical illusion. In reality, Pete and Matt are approximately the same height. Yet in this shot, Pete looks like he is MUCH shorter due to the rock Matt is standing on. It made me smile.

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