Who’s Travis Barker?


Travis Barker, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

UPDATE: For those of you googling for Travis Barker photos, click this link to see one more I just added: Travis Barker, Drummer Revisited

I went out to the new Miller Motorpark racetrack near Salt Lake City earlier this month because they were featuring the exotic cars and drivers of the Gumball 3000 rally as it began it’s North American segment.

There was a lot of excitement surrounding a certain tattooed person standing beside a tricked out Rolls Royce. I shot a few captures of the fellow then asked one of the guys standing by “who’s the famous guy”. I was told that he’s Travis Barker, drummer for the band Blink182. Ohh….. After a quick Google search, I see that he is kind of famous, just not in my life.

Now had it been the drummer for Van Halen, I’d have surely recognized him. I guess I’m showing my age :)

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The Big Switch

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Apple, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

– Ronald Reagan was President
Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes was the #1 song
– IBM introduces the PC computer
– The Boston Celtics are the NBA Champions

….. and my personal computer at home and at school was an Apple ][

The Apple ][ served me well for a few years, but it was not long after this that I made the move to IBM Compatible computers. Even when the Macintosh was introduced 3 years later in 1984, I stayed the course with the PC, a computer operating system that would carry me for the next 2 1/2 decades and well into the Windows era.

That all changed two weeks ago when I made the switch back to my Apple roots. With the introduction of the new MacBook computer, I have changed to a Mac laptop. So far, I have no regrets. I had been wanting to move to the Mac platform for a few years, but my dependency on Windows for a few select programs has kept me from switching. However, with the recent change by Apple to using Intel processors and the Mac’s newfound ability to run Windows, I made the plunge (for more on this, visit http://www.apple.com/bootcamp).

Today’s capture of the Apple Logo was made by taking a shot of the logo on the lid of the new laptop and bumping the contrast to an extreme in Photoshop.

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Park City Jail

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Jailhouse Facilities, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

While exploring Park City Utah’s historic Main Street this past weekend, I spent a bit of time in the small museum there. The most intriguing part for me was the original town jail located in the basement of the museum.

Today’s capture features the bathroom facilities in the jail that the inmates had to use 100 years ago. The dim lighting required a long exposure. I made this capture with the help of a bench to set the camera on and reduce shake.

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The Party’s Over


The Party’s Over, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

My family and I decided to enjoy a couple days in Park City Utah over this Memorial Day weekend. We made these plans in anticipation of the nice springtime weather typically enjoyed this time of year in hopes of spending time hiking, exploring and whatnot.


In light of the current weather, yesterday afternoon was spent enjoying the confines of the Park City Marriott hotel. Featured here is a capture I made while having a Photo Safari with my daughters in the hotel.

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Footwork, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

Today’s capture is a sepia-toned close-up of a pair of child’s feet, playing on a railing. The sepia-toning serves to add an ageless quality to the photo, asking the question: “Was it taken yesterday or 50 years ago?”

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Kris Rapelling, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

I had the chance to spend some quality time today on the face of a cliff in Big Cottonwood Canyon, just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. The springtime weather provided the perfect mix of sun and shade for an enjoyable outing.

Featured here is my son, Kris, about halfway down. The exciting part is that I made this capture while making the same descent.

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Let Sleeping Ducks Lie


Let Sleeping Ducks Lie, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

About a month ago these two ducks appeared in my front yard. I suppose they were tired of all the hustle-and-bustle of the duck community down by the canal and opted for something a bit more relaxing. They spend their days hanging out in the grass and watching the neighborhood goings-ons.

Captured here is the pair relaxing in the remnants of the morning sprinkler cycle on the sidewalk in front of the house.

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Kayakers in the Great Salt Lake

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Kayakers in the Great Salt Lake, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake is a wonderful getaway. When experiencing the peacefulness of the surroundings, it is difficult to remember that you are so close to the hustle and bustle of the nearby suburbia.

Featured today is a capture of a two-person kayak navigating the shoreline of the large island. The springtime weather is very suited to such an outing.

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Rhino Tough


Rhino Tough, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

Here’s another capture from the trip to the zoo last week. I love the detail in the rhino’s skin.

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ElisaRae’s World

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Photographer, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If that is the case, then that explains why I am so flattered that my daughter Elisabeth has taken up photography and blogging. A couple of weeks ago she came to me and asked if she could also do a photoblog such as this. I helped her set one up while making sure to keep it “safe”.

I find that I now enjoy reading her posts and getting her perspective on things. Her unique comentary has caused me to ‘laugh out load’ on more than one occasion.

If you would like to see her blog, just point your browser over to www.elisarae.com and check it out.

Featured today is a capture I made of Elisabeth using her mother’s camera on a recent trip to Antelope Island.

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