Merry-go-Round, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

Step 1: Locate a suitable merry-go-round

Step 2: Locate a suitable kid

Step 3: Hand the kid your expensive camera

Step 4: Show the kid what button to push

Step 5: Spin the merry-go-round as fast as you can

Quite fun…..!

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Dixie the Umbrella Cockatoo

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Dixie, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

Dixie used to live with us, but has since moved on to my brother-in-law’s workshop. She has such a vivacious personality and loves to show off. Here is a capture of her sitting atop an office divider recently as she was visiting a local scout troop.

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A Bee!

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A Bee!, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

This fellow showed up alongside the pool while we were swimming recently. Needless to say, he caused quite a stir with the children in attendance.

Even though I didn’t have a lens capable of extreme close-ups with me at the time, this capture does show quite a bit of detail, especially in the wings.

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Scouts and Birds

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Scouts and Birds, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

Michelle and I had the opportunity to bring a few of our birds to visit a local scout troop this evening. It was quite enjoyable to see the excitement of the kids when we walked in the room with the birds.

Dixie the cockatoo, featured in this capture, was definately the star of the show. She is so friendly and loves showing off in front of a crowd. Here she is asking for a kiss from one of the scouts.

More photos of the scouts with the birds can be seen by clicking this link:

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Wagon Wheels


Wagon Wheels, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

My daughter Sarah and I refer to oranges cut this way as Wagon Wheels. My wife doesn’t get it.

After cutting these last night for Sarah’s dessert, the color and juiciness of the orange just begged to be captured. I used a flash with a diffuser to spread the light evenly and avoid harsh shadows.

Do you call these Wagon Wheels?

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Wading at Sunset


Wading at Sunset, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

Featured today is a capture of my daughter playing around in the water during a very nice Arizona sunset. I was at the beach taking photos when she came down and began splashing in the water. I happened to catch this moment before she ran off.

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Rolling Thunder


Rolling Thunder, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

While driving in Southern Utah this past week, we heard reports of a storm ahead. As we neared a mountain pass and approached the storm, the looming clouds became increasingly formidable.

Featured here is a capture I made on the trip. The sepia toned black & white helps to accentuate the subtle details in the clouds. While I shouldn’t admit it, this shot was actually made while I was driving (without looking through the viewfinder).

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Serendipitous Interruption

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Interuption, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

While taking long exposure captures (30 seconds each) of the London Bridge in Lake Havasu last week a boat drove through one of my shots. This is the resulting image. I particularly like the interesting shapes that the wake of the boat made as it reflected the light.

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Lonely Swings


Lonely Swings, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

I made this capture at a local park. I really like how the one swing is moving while the others are still.

I added the grain to the photo by taking an actual scan of film (remember that stuff?) grain and overlaying it on the digital photograph in Photoshop. It adds to the mood I was seeking in this digital capture.

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Taking Flight


Havasu Duck, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

Michelle (my wife) made this capture of a duck taking off this past week while we were boating on Lake Havasu in Arizona. This particular member of the local waterfowl community had been following us as we drifted while eating lunch. I suppose he was hoping for a bit of bread or chip.

This was shot with a Canon 350D SLR and a 100-300mm zoom lens. If you’ve ever tried to make a shot like this, then you know how difficult it is to achieve the near-perfect timing and focus.

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