Clouds & Blue


Clouds and Blue, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

On a recent windy and stormy day in Draper (Utah) I looked up while driving to see a small patch of blue sky peeking through the clouds. The color of the sky, which was so deeply blue, struck me as amazing. I have to imagine that the high wind had blown out much of the pollutants and created the extremely clear sky.

Very little post-production was done on this image other than a slight crop and a bit of contrast & sharpening. The blue color of the sky is just as it was photographed.

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Ace the Cockatiel ::: 1984 – 2006


In the spring of 1984, as I was a senior in high school in Chugiak Alaska, a woman came into the store I worked at with a cockatiel on her shoulder. It began a converstaion that led to my finding out that she was a local breeder of these colorful birds. One thing led to another and soon my parents were in the posession of a recently weaned baby cockatiel named Ace.

Ace became my father’s good friend. Having been hand fed since hatching, he loved hanging out with people and spent the majority of his time on the top of his cage. Early on, he learned to whistle for the dogs and got great joy out of calling the dogs into his room.

After spending the first 20 years of his life in Alaska, ace moved to our home in Utah in 2004. With my parents splitting their time between Alaska and Arizona, they felt that Ace would be better off in a stable environment. He joined our two cockatiels (Sunshine and Mattie) and quickly took over the senior status of the flock. It was exciting to see that after spending his whole life alone, Ace and Sunshine began a May / November romance.

Sadly, yesterday Ace passed away. He had just turned 22 years old. The average lifespan for a cockatiel is 12-15 years, so Ace defied the odds. My daughters created a nice wooden box for him and he is now buried in the backyard.

He will be missed.

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Model Homes


Model Homes, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

I wasn’t going to post any more of the faked miniature captures for a while, but this one turned out so good that I figured I’d show it.

While on a hillside above Herriman (Utah) yesterday taking a photo of a local pastor for a publication, I made a capture of the neighborhood below to check the lighting. In reviewing the shots later, I realized that this capture could make an interesting fake miniature.

The process in creating this type of shot is to manipulate the image in Photoshop to change the focus, lighting, color and aspect ratio in order to fool the eye as to the scale of the photograph. Sometimes it works rather well.

Here’s another example using the same process.

Faked Neighborhood

I actually received the following feedback on Flickr on the above photo from someone who thought it was an actual miniature diorama.

“nobody would build real houses so close to the edge. You’d have little kids rolling off the cliff there. I like the sky, but I think you might need to re-do it — the paint doesn’t match.”

The whole set can be viewed by clicking here.

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The Look


The Look, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

This spontaneous capture of Jenna just after her new husband fed her cake at the reception has proven quite popular on my Flickr photostream (#2 all time). I think a large part of its popularity is that it goes completely against “Normal” wedding photographs. Though she was just playing around with the “Look”, it does come across deadly serious in the capture.

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Worship Gathering

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Worship Gathering, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

I had the opportunity tonight (Saturday) to be involved in the Worship Gathering, a local Christian music event. The program featured four bands from local churches (ours was one of the bands) and had a nice sized crowd show up for an evening of worshipping God through music. This is the fifth time I’ve been involved and it is really a blessing to have the various churches gather together – and the music is great too!

Featured here is a natural lighting shot of Pete playing guitar. This was shot at ISO 1600 due to the low light environment. In a capture like this, by not using the flash you can capture a more sincere ‘mood’ of the atmosphere (and not be too disruptive as well).

UPDATE: Here’s a link to a Flickr set with other photos of the event. I’ll add more over the next day or so as I process them.

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Model Railroad II

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My Model Railroad, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

Featured here is another example of a Tilt Shift Miniature effect on a photograph. This capture, especially when viewed large, really takes on the look of a model railroad.

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Model Railroad

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Model Railroad, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

There is a fad going around the Internet in which photographers use software editing techniques to make real photographs appear as miniature models. The process is called Tilt Shift Miniatures.

I thought I would try my hand at doing this and today’s featured capture is the result I obtained with the process. Does it look like a model railroad? If you would like to view the unedited original image for comparison, click HERE.

For more information on this process, visit:

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Square Cropped Clouds


Square Cropped Clouds, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

In keeping with the trend over the last few days of posting black & white images, here is a recent capture of some menacing looking clouds before a storm. I am a fan of a square crop, and this is no exception.

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Draper Cabin

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Draper Cabin, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

This old cabin in Draper (Utah) sits on a very valuable piece of ground and will soon be leveled for future development.

I really like the contrasting tones and the detail that this is given in black & white.

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Splashdown, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

Featured today is another capture from the other night when Sarah (my daughter) and I were playing around photographing cookies and milk. The bowl shaped splash created as the cookie hit the milk really intrigued me on this particular shot.

I posted this photo on Flickr yesterday and it was the #1 most interesting photo of the day (upon last check. Click HERE for current status).

If you would like, you can click on the capture to view a larger version.

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