Calmness, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

Here is another capture from the recent late night trip to Utah Lake. Note how the long exposure time (30 seconds) creates such smoothness in the moving clouds and water. The glow that can be seen in the distance on the clouds is coming from Salt Lake City’s lights.

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Midnight Marina


Midnight Marina, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

Featured here is a capture taken from the West shore of Utah Lake looking across to the city lights of Provo. This was obviously taken at night and required an exposure time of 30 seconds with a wide aperture setting on the lens (f/5).

And yes, the water is truly that color.

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Springtime Dream


Springtime Dream, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

With the continuing spring like weather this weekend in Northern Utah, I had the opportunity to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Using a bit of diffusion on the capture featured here, I was able to accentuate the natural glow created by the afternoon sun on this somewhat interesting plant.

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Rusty Sun


Rusty Sun, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

Found this interesting gate while driving this week. It is really a unique barrier that feels more like art than a simple way to block a driveway. I really like the detail in the rusted metal and the contradiction between the sun’s flowing rays and the lines of the grid.

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Iced Marina


Iced Marina, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

Seeing the marina on Antelope Island (in Utah’s Great Salt Lake) covered with a thin layer of ice brought a peaceful yet somewhat eery feeling to me. It was extremely still and quiet as I captured this photograph. In presenting it here in black and white I’m attempting to convey a bit of what I felt as I photographed it.

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Trees of Solitude


Trees of Solitude, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

After a few hints of warmer temperatures in Northern Utah during the past few weeks, winter came back to visit recently. We have had a couple fairly substantial storms during the past seven days.

In honor of this new snow, here is a capture made earlier this season in Big Cottonwood Canyon. This canyon, East of Salt Lake City, is the home of Brighton and Solitude , two of Utah’s many ski resorts.

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The Stare


The Stare, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

Antelope Island, in Utah’s Great Salt Lake, is home to a free-roaming herd of over 500 North American Bison. This fellow became increasingly wary of my presence as I photographed him while he was grazing on the snow covered plane.

A capture like this can be a challenge to get the exposure acceptable. If I had followed my light meter’s suggested settings, the darkness of the bison face would be too much and the detail would be lost. I adjusted my lens opening to allow more light in to capture these details. The background snow loses most of its details, but the face is nicely represented.

To learn more about Antelope Island, visit their website at:

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President’s Day


Presidents Day, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

In honor of Monday being President’s Day in the U.S., I photographed a well worn $5.00 bill for this portrait of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States.

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Galileo Thermometer

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80 Degrees, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

Featured here is a close-up of a Galileo Thermometer I have in my office. The current temperature is displayed by the floating spheres. To learn more about this type of glass thermometer, click here.

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Traveling at Light Speed


Traveling at Light Speed, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

Featured here is a capture of downtown Riverton Utah made on a recent late night trip to the store for a gallon of milk. Contrary to the title, I was only driving 30 mph at the time of the photo.

To create this image, I wedged a tripod into the passenger seat of my car then aligned & focused the camera before leaving (safety!). I estimated an exposure time of 13 seconds at f/8. I then simply reached over and pressed the shutter release while driving.

I am farely pleased with the result. I only wished I had cleaned the mirror beforehand.

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