Golden Globe, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

I was discussing LeggNet’s Digital Capture with fellow blogger Catherman ( recently and the subject of where this blog’s readers come from became a topic. Since I didn’t have an answer, Catherman suggested that I add a tracking tool to the site to find out. So I did.

After adding that tracking tool on December 30th, I have been really surprised to see where the daily visitors to the blog come from. Here is a list of countries that have visited in the past 3 weeks (in order of frequency):

United States, Korea, United Kingdom, China, France, Canada, Italy, Germany, Russian Federation, Sweden, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Spain, Netherlands, Mexico, Brazil, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Australia, Romania, Venezuela, Hungary, Norway, Turkey, Switzerland, Ireland, India, Iceland, Trinidad & Tobago, Israel, Colombia, Poland, Jamaica, Iran and Argentina.

Wow, 37 countries! I do believe that since the blog features photographs, that this increases the international appeal. Photos have no language barrier. I can’t wait to see how this traffic continues in the future.