Keeping Your Eye On The Ball


Keep your eye on the ball, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

Thanks to a friend, I recently had the opportunity to take in a Utah Jazz basketball game. Here’s a capture of the action taken from the upper deck with a 300mm lens. I like how most everyone’s eyes in this shot are fixed on the basketball – yet they all have very different expressions on their faces.

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Geese in Flight, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

On my way home from church today I came across a cornfield full of geese. They were feeding on the remnants of last season’s harvest. I stopped the car and decided to see if I could get close enough to make some interesting captures.

As I edged closer and closer to the flock, they became increasingly nervous of my being there. Moments before this capture, they decided as a group that it was a good time to leave. It is quite amazing to be in a field with 100+ geese as they take flight simultaneously.

Notice that the fellow on the right has a band on his leg. I imagine that this is a tracking tool put on by the game management people. This makes me wonder how many miles a typical wild goose logs each year.

As I last saw the flock, they were falling into formation and heading north.

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What We Take For Granted

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Orange Eye, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

I recently had a few minutes to kill while enjoying a typical American fast food lunch. Looking for a quiet place to eat, I stopped at a local park hoping to capture a few images of the ducks and geese that live nearby. As I was standing next to a fence photographing the waterfowl, I noticed a few pigeons perched nearby. I turned the lens to the fellow featured here and fired off a couple of shots. I then focused my attention back on the swimming geese.

Later that evening, while reviewing the captures on my computer, I was amazed to see the color and beauty of the pigeon. I never realized the brilliant color that adorns the eye of the common pigeon, not to mention the green sheen from the feathers. Of all the photos taken, the pigeon proved to be the most interesting subject.

The lesson hit home to me. I have always considered this breed of bird to be rather mundane. Many consider it a nuisance and a pest. Now that I have seen the beauty and poise they possess, I will never look at them the same way again.

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The Pratt Children

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Pratts, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

Shown here is a digital capture I made of a photograph that is highly treasured in my family. Featured in the photograph are (left to right) my Aunt, my Mother and my Uncle. This was taken in the 1940’s.

With a small amount of attention given to reflections and composition, you can easily preserve the memory of your old family photographs and heirlooms with a digital capture.

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The Bookstore


Death & Dying, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

While waiting for my daughters at a local bookstore, I noticed these signs and thought it wood be interesting to photograph the Photography sign in this fashion. After a bit of looking I realized that there was no photography section in this area of the store – but the Death & Dying sign really stood out.

Much to my surprise, this capture has been very popular on Flickr.

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iStockPhoto and Me


School days, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

I was recently accepted as a contributing photographer on, a web based stock photography supplier. It was a fairly involved process to get accepted including the submission of several images to be evaluated by their reviewers. Once accepted as a photographer, I submitted numerous photos for consideration and so far have had 25 added to the iStockPhoto inventory.

The first from my gallery to sell through iStockPhoto was very surpising to me – the capture featured here of an old school bus. It was taken outside a small junkyard in Murray, Utah. I found the subject school bus intriguing with the broken windows and the barbed wire.

To visit my iStockPhoto gallery, click here.

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It’s a Small World After All


Golden Globe, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

I was discussing LeggNet’s Digital Capture with fellow blogger Catherman ( recently and the subject of where this blog’s readers come from became a topic. Since I didn’t have an answer, Catherman suggested that I add a tracking tool to the site to find out. So I did.

After adding that tracking tool on December 30th, I have been really surprised to see where the daily visitors to the blog come from. Here is a list of countries that have visited in the past 3 weeks (in order of frequency):

United States, Korea, United Kingdom, China, France, Canada, Italy, Germany, Russian Federation, Sweden, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Spain, Netherlands, Mexico, Brazil, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Australia, Romania, Venezuela, Hungary, Norway, Turkey, Switzerland, Ireland, India, Iceland, Trinidad & Tobago, Israel, Colombia, Poland, Jamaica, Iran and Argentina.

Wow, 37 countries! I do believe that since the blog features photographs, that this increases the international appeal. Photos have no language barrier. I can’t wait to see how this traffic continues in the future.

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Marshmallow Snow


Marshmallow Snow, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

Salt Lake City sits at the base of several canyons. I recently had the opportunity to travel up one of these canyons. This capture was made on that trip up Big Cottonwood Canyon. Upon seeing the field of snow captured here, I couldn’t help but think of melted marshmallows.

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Spontaneous Portrait


Snow Day (Revised), originally uploaded by LeggNet.

This past Monday was a holiday in the U.S. and locally Salt Lake City had been hit with recent snowfall. The kids and I took advantage of these two combined events to take in a bit of sledding on a nearby golf course.

Featured here is a spontaneous capture of Sarah as she looked up from her sled. The natural lighting made for a rather pleasing portrait, especially when presented in black & white.

To further accentuate her face and draw the viewers focus to her eye, I darkened her jacket and added subtle blurring to her cap in post-production.

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Riding the Rails


Riding the Rails, originally uploaded by LeggNet.

A week ago I took my youngest daughter Sarah out with me to do some exploring and photographing. We ended up on an abandoned rail line and did a series of captures of her walking the rails. Click HERE to see one of the shots.

This past weekend, my oldest daughter Elisabeth wanted to do some of the same type of photos featuring herself walking the rails. Displayed here is one of the captures. I played around with the color and the contrast on this one and I am really pleased with the resulting image. By bumping the contrast and saturation up beyond normal acceptable limits, a rather unique and artistic image is created.

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